We have developed our solid reputation by understanding every aspect of the authentication and apostille process and by taking only a limited number of Buffalo, New York Apostille Projects, so we can give each document our undivided attention.

We specialize in obtaining New York Apostilles for the following documents:

  • Certified Copies of Birth Certificates
  • Certified Copies of Marriage Certificates
  • Certified Copies of Death Certificates
  • Power-of-Attorney Documents
  • Education Documents such as Diplomas and Transcripts (a signed, sworn statement from the school about it being “a true copy” must be notarized first). We must review the notarization before accepting the job or notarize the document when it is being signed.
  • Business Formation Documents.
  • Certified Divorce Documents
  • Copies of Document With an Affidavit from Document Owner

We may also need you to send us a scanned version of the document or to take a phone photo of the signature/notary area of your document and text it to us once we agree to the meeting to make sure there are no issues with your document before we pick up or notarize the document (or we can discuss the document on the phone if you cannot do this).

We accept birth, marriage and death certificates from other NY counties as long as they have been certified/authenticated by the clerk of the county in which the certificate originated.

BIRTH AND DEATH CERTIFICATE NOTE: You cannot use a birth certificate from a hospital or the small 5-1/2′ x 8-1/2″ “short-form” version of the  birth certificates when obtaining an apostille. You must order certified long-form birth and death certificates from your local health department or you can receive the birth certificate from vitalchek.com and certified long-form certified marriage certificates from the City Clerk/Marriage Bureau. Be sure to ask for the long form (which is 8-1/2″ x 11″) and the separate Letter of Exemplification when ordering a certified birth certificate in person or by mail and select “apostille” as the “reason for ordering” when ordering online through vitalchek.com (when ordering online, Vitalchek will not mention the “Exemplification Letter” but it will come automatically if you check off “apostille” as reason for ordering certificate). By law, we cannot order birth or death certificates for you. We can order a marriage certificate for you by obtaining an original notarized letter of authorization from you. We should notarize the authorization letter ourselves or review the document you have notarized before you send it to us.

Any document that requires a NY apostille (except birth, marriage or death certificates and certificates of incorporation) will require notarization first. We always prefer to notarize the document(s) ourselves to make sure everything goes smoothly with the authentication process. However if you need to notarize your document because your signer is frequently unavailable, you must make sure your notary includes the mandatory NY notary wording(an acknowledgement or “sworn to before me” jurat and the State and County where the notarization took place and the notary is qualified in Erie County on his or her notary stamp).

Critical Review of Documents: We must review your documents over the phone or by email/fax before proceeding with your job. Once we okay the document(s), we can then set up an appointment to meet with the signer (if documents are being notarized) or to pickup the documents or can provide you with our mailing address (when no notary is needed or shipping the documents is easier for you).

Timeframe: 1-3 days from time we receive documents, depending on your selection within our pricing schedule. See our Pricing and Payment info below.

Pricing and Payment: Please Call for Quote

Address to FedEx Documents to: We will provide you with the address once we have reviewed your documents and confirmed the payment information.

Please call or Text us at 716-982-7980.