Buffalo Notary Services: 716-404-4140 or 1-(888) 256-1404 Opening Safety Deposit Boxes in Buffalo, New York

Opening of Safe Deposit Boxes:

Buffalo Notary Services: 1-716-404-4140 or 1-(888) 256-1404 is available to open safety deosit boxes in Buffalo, New York.  Wether it is at a Community Credit Union, A Branch of Key Bank, M & T, First Niagara, Citizens, Bank of America or wherever the safety deposit is located.

Opening of Safe Deposit Boxes:

Buffalo Notary Services in Buffalo, New York helps individuals, banks, financial institutions and estate attorneys.  We witness the opening of safe deposit boxes and inventory the contents as required by Banking Law Section 335.

We perform this service for individuals and estates, as well as for corporations.  We have witnessed the opening of many safe deposit boxes.  There are specific inventory forms that we will fill out at the time that the safe deposit box is opened.  We will inventory the contents of the safe deposit box quickly, efficiently and most importantly accurately.

Section 335 of the New York Banking Law provides the rules and regulations about the procedures to be followed when opening a safety deposit box in New York State.

  • 335. Banking Law

If the rental fee of any safe deposit box is not paid, or after the termination of the lease for such box, and at least 30 days after giving proper notice to the lessee, the lessor (bank) may, in the presence of a notary public, open the safe deposit box, remove and inventory the contents. The notary public shall then file with the lessor a certificate under seal which states the date of the opening of the safe deposit box, the name of the lessee, and a list of the contents. Within 10 days of the opening of the safe deposit box, a copy of this certificate must be mailed to the lessee at his last known postal address.”