Alec Duffy, 716-404-4140 or 1-(888) 256-1404 – US-States Mobile Notary| Ontario|Canada|Burlington – Consulate

Alec Duffy, 716-404-4140 or 1-(888) 256-1404 – US Mobile Notary| Ontario|Canada|Burlington – Consulate Not Available?

I am a Mobile Notary in Buffalo-Niagara New York.  I am experienced in helping Canadians residents notarize Real Estate document’s in transactions in the United States including Florida.  I can be reached at 716-249-2532 by text message, email, or the help on click feature on this site.  I service Canadians that can’t wait for an appointment at the US Consulate.  This includes Canadians from the following Ontario Burlington Ontario

I work with Individuals, Lenders and Title Compaines in the United States to notarize your real estate tranasction documents at a time that you have selected.  With prior notice I can schedule your appoinment 24-7 depending upon your travel schedule.

When the US Consulate is not avaiable, call me at Buffalo Notary Services for your United States Notary Needs.  I will meet you in Buffalo or Niagara Falls at a time chosen by you.  The cost of my services are reasonable and affordable and often less than others.
I am a National Notary Association Certified and Background Screened Notary, and Licensed in The State of New York.  I know it is extremely inconveient for you to have to travel such great distance to have your documents notarized in the United States to complete your real estate transaction and I will do everything in my power to make it as streemlined, scheduled around your travel, and painless as possible.  Typical Loan and Sale Notary Signings in Buffalo/Niagara are $250 USD.  I will receive and print the signing documents from your title company and bring them to the signing.


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New York – United States – Coverage in Buffal/Niagara – Burlington/Ontario Residents Welcome!  1-716-404-4140 or 1-(888) 256-1404


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**NNA Certified, Background Checked, and Insured.

Mobile Notary Services:

  • Servicing our Canadian Citizens conducting business in the United States.

Real Estate Loan Closings:

  • Signing Agent and Closing Services for Individuals, Title/Escrow Companies & Attorneys.
  • Servicing your Notary Needs.
  • Residential Purchases, Slaes, Refinances and Modification Mortgage Closings.
  • Commercial Loans Mortgage Closings
  • Reverse Mortgage Closings.
  • CEMA and VA Mortgage handled with experienced professionalism.


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  • National Notary Services in Every State with Insured, Background Screened and Certified Notaries.
  • Custom, Timely and Affordable Services tailored to individuals needs.



I offer customized Notary Services for out of Area Individuals, Attorneys and Title Companies.  

Please feel free to drop me an email or utilize the  free live chat feature on my web site.  If your not finding a service that you need related to your Real Estate Transaction, Litigation Research or Other Needs for a Remote Mobile Notary please don’t hesiitate to ask me for the services you need.  Sincerely, John Alec Duffy.