Authentication of American Academic Credentials for use Abroad – ApostillesUSA: Buffalo, NY

Authentication of American Academic Credentials for use Abroad – ApostillesUSA:  Buffalo, NY

(This Post Applies to U.S Academic Credentials Only)
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American Academic Credentials intended for use in another country must be “authenticated” or “legalized” in order to be recognized as valid in the foreign country.

The number and type of authentication/apostille certificates you will need depend on the nature of the document and whether or not the foreign country is a party to the multilateral treaty on “legalization” of documents.

ApsotillesUSA provide authentication/apostille ( legalization) services on Educational documents that will be used in foreign countries.  We are a Division of The Duffy Agency, located in Buffalo, NY.  We offer 24/7 personalized service to you.  Our goal is to be available to you wherever you are in the world or what timezone you might be in.  For the clients that have retained us to work on their important international document needs, we are committed to respond to project status inquires within hours or minutes, by email, text or personal phone call.  We might not be as big as the other services, but or goal is not to be the biggest, just the best at delivering personal document authentication/apostille (legalization) services to our clients.  Some of this things we can help you with:

obtain Apostilles for documents intended for use in the Hague Convention countries

obtain foreign certification (State, Federal and Embassy levels) for non Hague Convention countries

Embassy (Consulate) legalization.

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An academic degree from the United Sates of America is one of the most valued degrees across the globe. It is a perfect recognition of the student’s intelligence and hard work done at the graduate or the post graduate level.
When a student successfully completes his/her graduation for four years (maximum five), he/she is awarded with a bachelor’s degree from USA. This degree is the most popular and traditional degree given by the US colleges and universities. In US, the bachelor’s degree is offered mainly in two streams- arts and sciences. Some schools offer both the degrees i.e. the Bachelor of Science (also known as B.S) and the Bachelor of Arts (also known as B.A) degree, whereas some other schools specialize in only either of the two. These degrees are also available at the post graduate level for those who have pursued their bachelors from US or from any other university.