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Real Estate Closing Agent:  Buffalo Notary Services 1-716-404-4140 or 1-(888) 256-1404

As NNA Certified, Insured and Screened Closing Agents at Buffalo Notary Services, we have experienced notaries that can assist you , your attorney’s office, or your title company get your real estate documents properly executed and on there way back for recording.  Buffalo Notary Services realizes that you may need an experienced Mobile Notary Real Estate Closing Agent to help you properly execute real estate documnets for your real estate transactions, whether it is a refinance, purchase or sale.  As real estate closing agents Buffalo Notary Services has assisted individuals, attorney’s and title companies from accross the United States and Canada in acting as a NNA Certified Closing Agent and notarizing real estate documents.  Our notaries have a comdined experience of over 50 years in the real estate industry.  We have the internet connections, scanners and printers necessary to assist you with your document processing requirements.  Should you have a real estate closing for which you need a NNA Certified Closing Agent please give us a call to schedule your closing.